The future of outdoor protection.

Stay safe, dry and warm with the ultimate adventure companion, the PYKRS smart jacket.

The future of outdoor protection

Stay safe, dry and warm with the ultimate adventure companion, the PYKRS smart jacket.

Built-in lights

Be visible in the darkness

hombre cayendo

Fall detection

Monitors any severe accident

Heating System

Protects you from cold weather

alerta (1)

SOS Alerts

Notifies your emergency contacts with
date, time and location

Feel safe, wherever you go

With its fall detector, integrated heating and lights, the Smart Jacket provides you with safety, comfort and visibility at all times. No need to worry about cold, darkness or falls, take your comfort and safety to a new level!

Be unstoppable,
day & night

Make your journeys epic with our integrated light panels. Get out there and enjoy the ride, even in the darkest hours.

3x more visible 

than reflecting material

More than 24h 

on a single charge


waterproof and washable

PYKRS light (1)

Getting cold?
Never again

Don’t let cold get in your way. The PYKRS jacket will warm you up even in the hardest conditions, for you to keep moving forward.

3x Intensity modes

for perfect heat level

360° surround heat

2 heat panels in front

1 large panel in the back

+7h of energy efficient

with one charge


Your safety,
our priority

We’ve developped an SOS system that protects you in case of accident. Wherever you go alone, we are always there with you.

hombre cayendo

Detects severe falls

with built-in sensors 

Tracks your GPS position

and activates SOS mode

Alerts your emergency contacts

if no response from you side

How it works?

Connect the electronics to the jacket

Download the app and set-it up

Put your jacket on and let’s go!

Connected to your Smartphone

All the features of the PYKRS jacket, 

controlled from your smartphone.

Available for

Configure your

PYKRS Smart Jacket 

Control all the


Track and trace

your activity


pykrs smartjacket app

Connected to your Smartphone

All the features of the PYKRS jacket, controlled from your smartphone.

Available for

High quality materials


Over 20.000mm H20

 waterproof rating


Highly insulating

material with soft feel and anti

fiber migration technology



Includes Xpore® membrane with
nanoporous technology for
máximum breathability


Made with the most

isolating padding

The PYKRS smart jackets are made with Thermore(R) EcodownTM padding, offering the highest isolation in its class.

Made from 100% recycled polyester from recovered plastic bottles in landfill, the padding is extra light, highly packable, resistant to clumping and offers a luxurious hand feel.

A hard shell like no other

We’ve partnered with XPORE to offer the best protection against rain and wind while still offering stylish, high quality and a very eco-friendly textile finish.


+ 25 features

Details that make it one of the most

complete jackets on the market.

PYKRS vs top outdoor jackets


Very High
20.000 Water Columns


10.000 Water Columns

0.096 ft3/ft2/min @ 125pa (ASTM D737)


Usually High

Very High
10 billion nanopores per sq. inch


on selected model

Very High
2.46 CLO value (+50% industry avg.)


2.00 CLO value (industry avg.)

Very High
Light panels 3x more visible than reflecting material


Some jackets may include some printed reflecting material
Reach up to 45ºC difference thanks to built-in panels


Not included
Most winter jackets do not include heating systems

Incorporates a fall detection system that triggers an alert when a fall is detected.

SOS System

Not included

The PYKRS app will track & share your location when a fall is detected.

GPS Tracking

Not included

Environmentally responsible

We make every effort to ensure that the entire process and materials are environmentally friendly.

Recycled polyester

Hard shell made from 100% recycled polyester

Made in EU

Designed & Manufactured locally (Spain & Portugal)


Recycled bottles

Padding made from 10x PET recycled bottles


Low carbon footprint

Manufactured with no-PFCs, no DWR treatments and with intense use of renewable energy


Are you ready to



Most frequent questions and answers

The PYKRS X-PRO jacket includes the light system, which the PRO does not. The rest of the jacket tech, materials and details remain the same.

If you use the light, heating and fall detection system all at once with maximum intensity (light & heat), the battery will last for about 2h. We recommend using the heating feature wisely, as it consumes 10x more than the rest of the features. If done properly, the battery will last much longer (over 7h if using light & fall detection only).

Yes! The PYKRS jacket is fully washable. However, please make sure to remove electronics and battery before washing the jacket. Also, make sure the jacket is fully dry before wearing it, to ensure heating panels warm-up quickly. Care label instructions are on the jacket inside!

Yes! The PYKRS jacket includes two separate buttons. One to control the heating and another one to control the lighting (only X-PRO version). When pressed together, you will trigger an SOS alert. These buttons are found in the PYKRS box.

In case you run out of battery, the tech features will stop working. However, you can always use a spare power bank. Just make sure it supports a power output of 15W (5V@3A).

Yes! The PYKRS jacket uses the XPORE® membrane, which provides a waterproofness rating of over +20.000 mm H2O (aka. water columns). On top of this, the jacket is breathable (water does not get in, but sweat vapor goes out), windproof and highly insulating.

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Smart Jacket Men - Guide Size








105 cm

41 2/7 Inch

77 cm

30 2/7 Inch

100 cm

39 2/5 Inch

80,5 cm

31 5/7 Inch


109 cm

42 8/9 Inch

83 cm

32 5/7 Inch

104 cm

40 8/9 Inch

82,5 cm

32 1/2 Inch


113 cm

44 1/2 Inch

89 cm

35 Inch

108 cm

42 1/2 Inch

84,5 cm

33 2/7 Inch


117 cm

46 1/9 Inch

95 cm

37 2/5 Inch

112 cm

44 1/9 Inch

86,5 cm

34 1/9 Inch


130 cm

47 3/5 Inch

104 cm

40 8/9 Inch

116 cm

45 5/7 Inch

88,5 cm

34 4/5 Inch



125 cm

49 1/5 Inch

112 cm

44 1/9 Inch

120 cm

47 1/5 Inch

90,5 cm

35 3/5 Inch  

men icon size guide

Measure yourself to select the size that best fits you:

1. Chest: With your arms relaxed at your sides, measure below your arms around the fullest area of your bust

2. Waist: Measure the circumference of your waist at the narrowest part.

3. Hip: Standing with your feet hip-width apart, measure the circumference of your hips at their widest point.

4. Sleeve: With your arm relaxed at your side and slightly bent, measure from the center of the neck to the wrist, past the shoulder and elbow


1. If one or more of your measurements sit between two sizes, we recommend chosing the larger one for a loose fit; or the smaller one for a slim, tighter fit.

2. If your waist size differs from the two other (hip & chest), we recommend chosing the size that corresponds to the latter (hip & chest).