We will start with the name PYKRS, which is the combination of three words:


PeaK, which represents our commitment to excellence in everything we do.


Y, which symbolizes our “millennial” vision of the world and our commitment to progress and respect for the environment.


– DoERS, which represents our will to work and change the world for the better.


Because the “E” in PYK(E)RS is silent, we know that it is not an easy word to read and pronounce the first time.


However, once you get used to it, the brand gains strength and is easy to remember.


The next thing you will ask yourself is where does our logo (or isotype) come from. Well, it is once again the combination of several things:


– On the one hand, it represents the contour lines of La Pica D’Estats, the highest peak in the Catalan Pyrenees. We use it as a symbol of our origins and love for nature.


– On the other hand, our logo can also be understood as a fingerprint, in clear allusion to the differentiating factor of our products, which is technology.


– Finally, the logo can also be understood as the trunk of a tree cut into sections. This again symbolizes our commitment to the environment, always present in all our decision-making.


I would like to tell you more in this first email, but I know you will be busy and this way we will have more opportunities to communicate.


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Smart Jacket Men - Guide Size








105 cm

41 2/7 Inch

77 cm

30 2/7 Inch

100 cm

39 2/5 Inch

80,5 cm

31 5/7 Inch


109 cm

42 8/9 Inch

83 cm

32 5/7 Inch

104 cm

40 8/9 Inch

82,5 cm

32 1/2 Inch


113 cm

44 1/2 Inch

89 cm

35 Inch

108 cm

42 1/2 Inch

84,5 cm

33 2/7 Inch


117 cm

46 1/9 Inch

95 cm

37 2/5 Inch

112 cm

44 1/9 Inch

86,5 cm

34 1/9 Inch


130 cm

47 3/5 Inch

104 cm

40 8/9 Inch

116 cm

45 5/7 Inch

88,5 cm

34 4/5 Inch



125 cm

49 1/5 Inch

112 cm

44 1/9 Inch

120 cm

47 1/5 Inch

90,5 cm

35 3/5 Inch  

men icon size guide

Measure yourself to select the size that best fits you:

1. Chest: With your arms relaxed at your sides, measure below your arms around the fullest area of your bust

2. Waist: Measure the circumference of your waist at the narrowest part.

3. Hip: Standing with your feet hip-width apart, measure the circumference of your hips at their widest point.

4. Sleeve: With your arm relaxed at your side and slightly bent, measure from the center of the neck to the wrist, past the shoulder and elbow


1. If one or more of your measurements sit between two sizes, we recommend chosing the larger one for a loose fit; or the smaller one for a slim, tighter fit.

2. If your waist size differs from the two other (hip & chest), we recommend chosing the size that corresponds to the latter (hip & chest).