New jacket with integrated technology for your daily safety & comfort

Built-in lights

Avoid accidents by always being visible

Heating System

Always warm no matter the cold

SOS Alerts

Control your Parka remotely

Phone control

Stay connected when you fall

3x more visible than reflective material

Reduce the risk of being ran over in low-light environments with the parka’s built-in illuminated panels.

Instant cozy warmth even in the most frigid environments

Stay cozy in the chilliest weather with our jacket’s integrated heating system, feeling up to 45ºC/113ºF warmer.

Be found when you most need it

Stay protected even in unexpected situations. Our jacket features fall detection technology, automatically sending an emergency message if a several fall is detected.

Design & tech

Safer commutes




Control your Parka on the go

Remotely from Phone

Ideal when cycling or riding

From built-in Remote

Sitting on a table outside

Automatic SOS Alerts

We’ll send alerts if you don’t confirm an accident in 3 minutes

Those who have tried say...

"This jacket beats the gamma jacket in every department. Rare case of absolutely loving a project I backed. Worth the wait!"
Luka J.
"Thank you for sending the products. Good material. The accessories are very delicate and of high quality. I will support you in future projects."
Hau T.
“The ultimate endorsement for any product is when it becomes a natural choice, no second thoughts given.”
Mark S.

Fully waterproof

Get out there with confidence. Our jacket boasts high-level waterproofing and wind protection, ensuring you stay always dry and comfortable.

Highly insulating

The X-TREME parka provides great comfort even in the coldest conditions, thanks to its highly insulating Thermore ® Eco-down filling.

Designed for

the Future

Details that make it one of the most

complete jackets on the market.





PYKRS XTREME PARKA vs top outdoor jackets




Highly insulating

Great Design


Extra Heating

SOS Alerts

Phone control

Are you ready to #igniteadventure?

Best of technology
in to your jacket


Most frequent questions and answers

The PYKRS Parka is offered with a 10.000mAh battery, which will last about 2.5h when the heating system is in its maximum mode. If the Parka is only used with the light system, it will last more than 24h, since the lights will have a consumption of 400mA. Please note that whenever the electronics on the Parka are turned ON, the fall detection system will always be on with a consumption of around 200mA.

Yes, the PYKRS Parka is machine washable, at lower temperatures (<30ºC / <86ºF). However, it is mandatory to remove the electronics (controller + battery) before putting the jacket into the washing machine. The parka needs to be fully dry before making use of it. We strongly recommend drying the Parka in a dry location with no direct sun light for about 3 to 4 days.

Yes, as long as you carry the parka or the supplied batteries with you. If you plan to pack the Parka in your suit case, make sure to remove the battery and carry it with you on the plane, like a regular power bank.

The Parka includes a physical controller to operate both the heating and lighting systems. You can use the Parka without the PYKRS app, although you will not be able to enjoy the fall detection system.

In case you fall and there is not signal, the PYKRS Parka will not be able to send an alert to your emergency contacts. However, the Parka will turn on its light system, to make you more visible in case it gets dark (and you are not able to move).

In case you don’t have the PYKRS App or you don’t carry your phone, the PYKRS Parka will not be able to send an SOS alert to your emergency contacts. However, the Parka will always register any fall (with or without your phone) and turn its lights in fast blinking mode.

In case you run out of battery, the tech features will stop working. However, you can always use a spare power bank. Just make sure it supports a power output of 15W (5V@3A).

Yes! The PYKRS jacket uses the XPORE® membrane, which provides a waterproofness rating of over +25.000 mm H2O (aka. water columns). On top of this, the jacket is breathable (water does not get in, but sweat vapor goes out), windproof and highly insulating.

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Smart Jacket Men - Guide Size








105 cm

41 2/7 Inch

77 cm

30 2/7 Inch

100 cm

39 2/5 Inch

80,5 cm

31 5/7 Inch


109 cm

42 8/9 Inch

83 cm

32 5/7 Inch

104 cm

40 8/9 Inch

82,5 cm

32 1/2 Inch


113 cm

44 1/2 Inch

89 cm

35 Inch

108 cm

42 1/2 Inch

84,5 cm

33 2/7 Inch


117 cm

46 1/9 Inch

95 cm

37 2/5 Inch

112 cm

44 1/9 Inch

86,5 cm

34 1/9 Inch


130 cm

47 3/5 Inch

104 cm

40 8/9 Inch

116 cm

45 5/7 Inch

88,5 cm

34 4/5 Inch



125 cm

49 1/5 Inch

112 cm

44 1/9 Inch

120 cm

47 1/5 Inch

90,5 cm

35 3/5 Inch  

men icon size guide

Measure yourself to select the size that best fits you:

1. Chest: With your arms relaxed at your sides, measure below your arms around the fullest area of your bust

2. Waist: Measure the circumference of your waist at the narrowest part.

3. Hip: Standing with your feet hip-width apart, measure the circumference of your hips at their widest point.

4. Sleeve: With your arm relaxed at your side and slightly bent, measure from the center of the neck to the wrist, past the shoulder and elbow


1. If one or more of your measurements sit between two sizes, we recommend chosing the larger one for a loose fit; or the smaller one for a slim, tighter fit.

2. If your waist size differs from the two other (hip & chest), we recommend chosing the size that corresponds to the latter (hip & chest).